Speedy, aka Bear 235 or Goldie, was born in 2004 to Pits. She has grown up along the Chilkoot River and is highly habituated to people, and frequently seen. In 2010 she had her first two cubs. She is known as Speedy due to her ground-eating walk and her lightening fish hunting technique. She was fitted with a radio collar in the late summer of 2008. That collar was removed and replaced with a newer one in 2010.


Speedy and cubs August 2010
at Chilkoot Weir Bear Crossing
Photo by Pam Randles

Speedy and cubs at Chilkoot Lake
August 2010
Photo Pam Randles

Speedy and cub at bear zone sign
August 2010
Photo Ann Puffer

Speedy and her cubs 2010-2011

Photos by Ann Puffer