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video by Kathleen Menke (used with permission)
September 7, 2011, Chilkoot River ;and Lutak" great blue heron, seven bears, eagle, scoters with their young, the scene Bears without collars are all yearlings First mother is "Speedy", mother of two Second mother is "BMJ", Chilkoot Matriarch, twenty-five years old, mother of three What greater asset do we have in this community than a healthy Chilkoot Watershed?
Length: ‎8:21



video by Kathleen Menke (used with permission)

So many cubs to keep track of, you'd think they were having a play date. Speedy's two and BMJ's three, all yearlings. Watch how Speedy keeps her two in line as the BMJ crew approaches her gang. And then see Speedy stand her ground as she and BMJ have a little "discussion" about who's in charge of what and whom here. Then Speedy moseys on ahead with her two. Happy Birthday, Jake. This one's for you.
Length: ‎5:22