A Bear Story

Once upon a time there was a bear who discovered that people threw away good food. She discovered the dump was full of human food scraps. She went in search of trashcans and dumpsters. Sometimes she was yelled at, and sometimes she couldn’t break into the trashcans. But sometimes she succeeded, so she kept trying. When she had cubs, she showed them this free lunch. Finally one day some people came and captured her and her daughter. They were shipped off to the Endicott Wilderness area, many miles away from their home.

Her daughter finished growing up in Endicott. When it came time for her to have cubs, she walked back to Haines looking for human food, the same way she was taught. She found food at human houses and the dump. She learned to forage at night when there weren’t so many humans around.  Since there was food around the houses, she decided to try to see if there was food in the houses. She had three cubs to feed, so she worked hard to get food. One night, she was shot and killed near a person’s house.


This is a true story. 
Her cubs will probably starve or become victims of larger predators. 
People and houses were threatened and damaged. 
All of this could have been prevented. 
Please secure and dispose of your garbage properly.

Postscript:  Since this was written, her cubs were seen getting into people's yards and gardens.  All three have been shot.