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Bear Deterrants

  • Critter Gitters

    The Critter Gitter detects animal movement up to 13.5 m (40ft) away using passive infrared, body heat or motion detection and then emits ear-piercing sounds and flashes lights. This detector has been designed to change its sound and light patterns with each intrusion and automatically reset itself.

    One of the disadvantages of the Critter Gitter is that bears may become acclimatized to the sound and lights over time and no longer leave the area. However, an advantage is that the device alerts homeowners when a bear is around so that they can take the appropriate action. Keep in mind that the Critter Gitter will be triggered by any animal, including a raccoon, cat, dog or coyote that passes by the sensor, day or night. This disturbance may not be acceptable to neighbors.

  • Electric Fencing