A Bear’s Bill of Rights

A bear has the right to expect that you will:

  • be an educated resident of bear country and be willing to accommodate the needs of bears into your lifestyle and daily habits
  • have realistic expectations about living in bear country; to realize that is unacceptable to attract bears to your property with improperly stored garbage, recycling, bird feeders, smelly compost, and barbecue grease among other enticing non-natural attractants
  • set aside the necessary time to properly dispose of your garbage; clean your barbecue; and pick ripe fruit from your trees
  • take responsibility for your actions in a bear’s habitat while hiking and camping
  • be aware that you share roads and pathways with bears as well as other wildlife and give wildlife the right-of-way
  • provide a healthy, unpolluted environment for bears to live in; and to leave places where bears can forage, raise their families and find dens

From: The Get Bear Smart Society

Bear Biology

The brown bear is the predominant bear along the Chilkoot River.  Brown bears and grizzlies are really the same species. Brown bears are just the coastal version of grizzlies and because of the abundance of fish they tend to be larger than the inland grizzlies.  Black bears have been seen along the river but this is a rare occurrence. Read the full article...

Bears of the Chilkoot

  • White Claws – older than BMJ; has white claws
  • BMJ (Big Mama Jama) b. ca. 1988; on left forepaw broken pinky toe sticks up
    • 1999 – 3 cubs all DLP
    • 2001 – 3 cubs all DLP; inclu Frick and Frack
    • 2003 – 3 cubs all survive; 2 female (one is LMJ) and 1 male
    • 2008 – one cub, Gus, and LMJ has cubs
    • 2009 – yearling on its own
    • 2010 – 3 cubs
      • August 25 – collared and ear tagged (left pink, right blue), wt.~500#; one cub male tagged blue/pink 51#
    • 2011 – seen in spring with 3 yearling cubs
  • Tips [last seen 8/07
  • Sow and 3 cubs of the year 2003
  • Pits born 1996 or before
    • 2001 – Boo born
    • 2004 – Speedy born
  • Boo born 2001; white patch on left rump [last seen 8/07]
    • 2005 - Stockings (Gimpy) born
  • Speedy born 2004; white tipped ears, very active
    • Collared 2008 and again 2010 (yellow/green tags) and again in 2011
    • 2010 – 2 cubs (female yellow/green, male green yellow)
    • 2011 – male cub got a pixie fishing lure in his nose; DFG removed
  • Dos born 2003 or before, compact, big ears with white, long brown beard (is this LMJ?)
    • 2008 – 2 cubs
    • 2010 – one cub
  • Stockings (Gimpy) born 2005; called Hummer as cub; shot 2007; slight limp right rear hip and leg
    • 2010 – 3 cubs
  • Toupe, female with blond patch on back of neck; collared 2008-2010; probable birth 2005
  • Gold Ears and Redneck (gold shoulders) on own together 9/2/2008; with mother prior to that in 2008; probably birth 2006
  • Teddy (aka Fuzzy Wuzzy, Big Ears) probably born 2008; on own as yearling; large fluffy ears,light colored feet, white spot on tail; is this Gus?
  • Ghost subadult 2008
  • 2010 – female with single cub; shy nocturnal
  • Sow with two cubs of the year 2011
  • Sow with 4 cubs of the year 2011
  • Sow with 3 cubs of the year 2011
  • Bear 2011